The first of many…hopefully

It’s been a while since I’ve been involved in online media. The Keystone’s website is down and I haven’t posted to in quite a while my own personal website where i conducted interviews, posted news and reviews to, I haven’t touched in quite  a while. Thats the catch to college; you become surrounded by people who give you ideas and then things like general education requirements crush the entrepreneurial spirit you came to campus with. I see it however that this blog will be a combination of linking my works that I find online, music reviews (when I find the energy to write them), and even an interview or two with some people that I might make the time to talk to. So friends, strangers, and rebels looking at the internet in authoritarian countries, welcome to my blog. I appreciate you taking the opportunity to look at the things I have to say. before you decide to look at this blog on a weekly basis I invite you to read some things I have had published. The links are below.


Fourth of July



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